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Choose posts that last over a 100 years

Are you still deciding on your fence? In this video, Doug Leadbeatter demonstrates the changes that occur to a steel star post over time...

Why would you buy a concrete post?

The answer to this question lies in considering the choices farmers have available to them when it comes to their next fencing job. Let’s...

Driving Concrete Posts Into Hard Ground

We regularly get asked questions about driving concrete posts into hard ground. Will a post break if it's driven into rocky earth? How do...

What Is A Better Alternative To Steel Star Pickets?

By Doug Leadbeatter I can remember when steel star pickets first came to the Australian marketplace. I can also remember the farmer...

Concrete Posts – A Change for The Future

People don’t like change. Countless scholarly articles have been written which discuss our resistance to change as a phenomenon. We feel...

Funding For Concrete Fences.

Were your fences damaged in the 2019/2020 bushfires? You may be eligible for government funding to replace them.

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