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Concrete Posts and Pickets Feature in Heartland Magazine

Concrete Posts and Pickets featured in the February 2020 issue of Heartland Magazine.

"A solid fence can provide a solid future and with the assistance of Concrete Posts and Pickets, fencing becomes a job that is only done once because it is done properly. Based in Coraki, Concrete Posts and Pickets manufacture high grade concrete pre-stressed posts which will stand the test of time.

With over 60 years experience and employing over 40 locals, the factory comes with its own concrete plant on site. They use Australian made steel to reinforce the pre-stressed drivable posts. The posts are durable when being driven into the earth because of the flexibility of the pre-stressed materials used.

These concrete fence posts contain no lime which means there is no rusting, leaving the property owner with a much longer fence life adding value to their overall property assets.

As well as being seriously fire resistant and white ant proof, the posts will not rot off at ground level.

The team at Concrete Posts and Pickets stand behind their product 100% and have tested the posts extensively to ensure they are providing the highest quality to their customers. As part of testing, concrete posts have been emblazed in a 45 minute bonfire which resulted in the concrete posts standing solid throughout the ordeal.

Concrete Posts and Pickets is a locally owned business which supplies to all areas. Their patented products are helping to give property owners a sense of peace with the knowledge that the concrete posts will combat the usual threats to wooden or metal fence posts.

As customers purchase the concrete posts, they are ensuring that they are investing into the longevity of their fences as well as the future of their property value.The affordability of the product allows customers to develop other areas of their property while knowing their investment is safe and secure having had the fencing job done properly.

The solid and dependable experience and knowledge shared through the team at Concrete Posts and Pickets, guarantees the same in their fence posts. Doug Leadbeatter, National Sales Manager and John Mazzer, Sales, are passionate and focused on helping communities to be at their strongest.

Australians are tough and are resilient, so it only makes sense to make our property fences with the same strength and integrity."

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