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Andrew Lawson is the Director of Concrete Posts and Pickets.

His love affair with the Australian rural sector started some 40 years ago, when as a child nearing school age his parents moved from their small 5 acre lot on the edge of Goonellabah, to a beef cattle farm at McLeans Ridges.

Andrew assisted his parents in running their farm until he left school and began his career in construction, specialising in concreting.

When Andrew bought his own farm in the early 00’s, he converted a 400 acre beef operation into mixed farming and removed the road side fencing in his cropping paddocks. During this process, he noticed that fences that were replaced only ten years prior to him purchasing the farm, had significant rot at ground level. These young fences had less than another 10 years of life in them.

This is when he first thought, “a bloke who works with concrete everyday should make a post that will last for ever!”

From the idea was sparked fifteen years ago, Andrew now manufactures concrete posts full time in the companies brand new, purpose built post production factory at Coraki, Northern NSW.

Concrete Posts and Pickets employs a hand-picked team of people who have been involved with farming and fencing most of their lives.

You can rest easy knowing that the people who make, sell and deliver your posts come from the land and care about your farming future.

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