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Funding For Concrete Fences.

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Do you need to replace a burnt fence?

The New South Wales Government is currently providing funding for fences to assist with the replacement of burnt fences.

If your fence was damaged during the 2019/2020 bush fires and you have boundary fence line which borders public land, you can apply for up to $5000 contribution per kilometre to replace your fences.

If you’ve already spent the money to replace your fences and your fences are eligible, you can claim to have that cost reimbursed. For this grant, public land is defined as:

  • National Parks

  • Forestry Corporation land

  • Travelling stock reserves

  • Crown reserves, tenured roads and leases

  • Roads managed by Roads and Maritime Services or local government.

“Landholders are strongly encouraged to consider fire-resistant materials, for example, ironbark, tallowwood or concrete posts, when replacing fences.” – New South Wales government.

Replace your burnt fences with concrete posts and you won’t have to worry about replacing them again. They are fire resistant, rot resistant and termite proof, and come with a lifetime guarantee. A smart alternative to wood, concrete posts will last longer than your house, shed, tractor or plough.

Under the grant you can purchase and install the fences yourself, or use the funds to contribute towards purchasing materials and labour from a licensed fencing contractor. Concrete Posts and Pickets can help you to apply for the funds and to select the best fence type for your property. We can also put you in touch with trustworthy contractors should you choose to employ someone to install your new fence.

Concrete Posts and Pickets can arrange delivery anywhere in Australia and can even unload them for you. We make our posts in Coraki, Northern NSW. Built by Aussies, for Australian conditions.

Call us on 0458833051 or contact us via email.

To find out more about the Boundary Fencing Program, click here.

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