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The Tuff Post

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SAVE $2.00–$10.00 PER POST

When you buy from Concrete Posts and Pickets, you will generally save approximately $2.00 per intermediate on in line post and up to $10.00 per strainer post, when compared to national brands. Why pay more!

We offer a range of posts to suit all fencing applications. Please call us for a discussion about your fence post requirements.

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We manufacture and sell "the tuff post"

Various wire hole spacings available. Post length 180mm and up to 2700mm.

With more than 30 years experience in concrete manufacturing, Concrete Posts and Pickets is the leader in rural fencing products.

We manufacture a full range of pre-stressed, drivable concrete fence posts. Our posts have been tested in a NATA certified Laboratory in Brisbane and are up to twice as strong as some other concrete products used in rural fencing.

Our large range of concrete posts are made in Australia to withstand tough Australian conditions; they will not burn, will not rust, and termites will not eat them.

Concrete posts are the future of rural fencing. We sell direct to the customer, to fencing contractors and to stockists.

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Our concrete fence posts are made using special materials, methods and manufacturing processes to ensure consistent quality and strength.
Our concrete posts consist of two pre-stressed reinforcing strands, 40MPA concrete and come with ready-made holes, suitable for barb wire, plain wire or stock mesh.

The strength of your strainer post and end assembly is crucial to a solid fence. Concrete Posts and Pickets strainer posts are built with 40 MPA concrete and high tensile carbon steel reinforcement. Pre-drilled holes mean attaching gates and brackets is easy. Our heavy duty concrete strainer posts are available in 7ft, 8ft and 9ft.

The job of your strainer system, or end assembly, is to keep your fencing wire tight. Strainer system assemblies are required at the end of each fence line, direction changes, gateways, the bottom of hills and the top of crests. Concrete Posts and Pickets offers three simple and affordable options for strainer system assemblies.

Questions about our product range? Reach out today, we’re happy to help.

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Fire is not the friend of wooden posts. Concrete posts don’t rust, rot or burn!

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30 Seelems Road
Coraki, New South Wales 2471

0458 833 051

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How Long Does A Concrete Fence Post Last?

Doug Leadbeatter, National Sales Manager, discusses the lifespan of a concrete post.

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